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You are bold, brillant. Be you, Be unique

Bridal styling is all I love ; as wedding planners, we are often asked about the perfect spot for an intimate and private wedding. Our answer? It all depends on you, the Bride.

Bride Style

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what sparks the imagination of one Bride may simply be a stepping stone towards the perfect day for another. In Paris especially, luxury owns many avenues; from majestic monuments to the simplistic beauty of nature, right through to the glamorous interiors of some of the city’s finest buildings, and it is this which makes every Paris wedding so unique and personal.

Destination Wedding Paris

As you step into the ‘city of love’ the first thing to hit you will be the air of mystery, romance and wonder; and as you gaze around you at the traditional bridges, market corners and the historical buildings. What you will realise is that a destination wedding in Paris is not merely fashionable.

Unique Bride

Take the photos below, and put yourself into the shoes of the Bride. With every location and every shot, she exudes individuality – not only through her dress, but also in how she stands. How she owns the shot, and how she portrays her own personality through the styling of each picture. Now imagine that each of these photos introduces a different concept of wedding, from modern and contemporary on the streets of Paris, to romantic and natural in the gardens of a great Parisian mansion. Which Bride do you choose to be?

A destination wedding is all about reflecting the person you are inside. And freeing the spirit that you choose to embody as you celebrate the beginning of the rest of your life. Wedding is a union of two people, and we believe that it is in the detail of your big day that those two individual people can be captured and celebrated.  

Paris Wedding

A Paris wedding is timeless and intimate, and yet organising such an event need not to be challenge. Armed with a vision and your own unique style, you will soon find that our greatest achievement is preserving your originality as we deliver everything you wish for and more, in one of the most inspiring and romantic cities in the world.

Madame Wedding Design Team know the most popular spots across Paris and most of Europe, but it takes real understanding and passion to be able to match each Bride with her perfect setting. Trust us to transform your vision into a reality, by becoming your own destination wedding planner.



PHOTOGRAPHER: Donny Zavala Photography
WEDDING GOWNS: Thibaut Lavergne via Metal Flaque
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Isabelle Boireau Beauty
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
JEWELS: Djoline Joalliers
RIBBONS: Le Temps File
CANDIDE BRIDE : Kay Dickenson

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