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Butterfly Wedding in a French Chateau, In cultures across the world, butterflies are seen as a reflection of our souls; representing endurance, change, hope and life. Spreading their wings with great majesty, while remaining slight and delicate in appearance. This secret strength of the butterfly links infinitely with the sanctity of marriage. And what better place to celebrate this binding union and intimacy than with a destination wedding in Paris.   


As the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, so too do two souls become one. Entering the cocoon as a single entity and emerging with two great wings. The butterfly truly represents the coming together of a couple during their vows. Under the watchful eye of those who love and cherish them the most.

Wedding Location


Chateau de Villette provided the backdrop to one of our most beautifully elegant weddings, pictured below, which turned to the inspiration of the butterfly as a symbol of new beginnings. Located  just outside Paris, the couple celebrating their wedding embody the delicate beauty of this creature through their fine art wedding style, full of natural colours and wild plant life. Using the sweeping driveway as their catwalk, and the magnificent gardens as their stage, the happy couple embraced every aspect of their destination wedding in order to create the day of their dreams.


Create the magic

This recurring theme of the butterfly captured perfectly by their photographer seeks to celebrate the magic that the beauty of Paris gave them. While the rural location and natural backdrops to many of the photos celebrate the couples’ individuality and their life together in a french chateau wedding venue.

Though planning a wedding abroad can present many challenges to a newly-engaged couple. By placing your full trust and commitment in our hands you would be able to relax and enjoy everything about your day. Safe in the knowledge that your vision would be transformed under the clear Parisian sky.


Wedding French Romance

Perfect location for a couple.  But with us, Paris really is your oyster, and our team work openly and individually with every couple to ensure that each element of your perfect day is captured and reflected. Remember the butterfly, who enters the cocoon unsure of what will greet them when they emerge? We give you the chance to spread your wings and unite in the romance of Paris.  While we create the perfect wedding for you.




CREATIVE DIRECTION  & FLORALS: Janna Brown Design with Emma Gillam
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Harold James Paris
DRESS: Daarlana Couture
ACCESSORIES: Jeanette Maree
SHOES: Jimmy Choo
GROOM SUIT: Chris von Martial
VENUE: Chateau de Vilette
FILM LAB: Photovision Prints
SUPPLIES: Film Supply Club
COUPLE: Audrey Berville and Roman Fedorchenko

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