Eiffel Tower Proposal

Paris The City Of Love

Eiffel Tower the best place for proposals! As Paris; a destination known around the world as the ‘city of love’, where gastronomy meets decadence, and where beauty meets romance.



With a history draped in love stories and excitement, Paris lends itself perfectly to romantic gestures, from proposals at the Eiffel Tower through to extravagant weddings, Paris elopement and celebrations. And what better way to capture these life-changing moments than with a specialised photo shoot. The so-called ‘city of love’ was the perfect setting for the modern staging of love brought to us by the couple shown below, with clear skies shining a glimmer of light down on the happy couple as they twirled in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Standing atop the endless stone stairways that run through the lengths of the city, couples can immerse themselves in their surroundings, all the while knowing that our expert photography will capture the elegance and romance of every moment. Every gaze you share as a couple – every touch that ignites your love and showcases your passion for each other – every little moment that you thought we missed – all caught in those photographs that you will share and smile over for years to come.

Whether you choose Paris because it’s where you got engaged, because of its romantic status, or simply because you always dreamed of a wedding overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the spectacular scenery and atmosphere will give you the chance to step away from your everyday life; moving into a world where your dream day is married by elegance, Parisian charm and captivating concepts. With a focus on both the close-ups and broader concepts, our team of expert planners will spend time designing each element of your day with grace and playfulness, to capture your individual personalities among the sea of romance.

Of course, Paris is so much more than just the ‘city of love’, and with every shoot styled individually around the occasion and who you become when photographed as a couple, architecture and viewpoints become as much a part of the photo as the couple in the centre. Glancing behind the happy couple, one is met with the overwhelming grace of the iconic Eiffel Tower, standing tall and proving that true elegance is timeless, classic, and cannot be overshadowed.

The Eiffel Tower is one of Paris’ most popular backdrops and one of our favourite places to work, lending itself to images that exude luxury, a love of travel and an appreciation for the surroundings. After all, respecting the surroundings is as much a part of your big as capturing the perfection of your event, and the sense of detail that we lend across every touchpoint of the planning is what makes each wedding unique and personal.






 PHOTOGRAPHY: Donny Zavala
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Harold James Paris
DRESS: Mae Paris 
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
ACCESSOIRES: Jeanette Maree
GROOM SUIT: Chris von Martial
STYLISH COUPLE: Audrey and Roman

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