Madame Wedding Design

Hello my name is Estelle, mother and wife. I have started as a blogger, it was a philanthropic and altruistic approach. Weddings have always thrilled me, I wrote for over a year words to inspire. I introduced bridal designers and renowned vendors. Today, acclaimed and sought by many, I go further in my approach by offering my services as planner and event designer, bridal fashion stylist and creative talent.


Why will you ask me ?

On one hand, my life course is turned to human interactions. I am the last of a family of six children. Since my early childhood I have been brought to celebrate life, family and love. I have always participated in the organization of family events. As I grew up, I was the person responsible for coordinating and organizing these happy and memorable moments. The art of receiving could be innate to me …
On the other hand, my career is rich in experiences. I studied in the field of health, I worked there for more than 15 years. I also studied economics and management, but especially a master’s degree in change management and organization.
How did this journey of life lead me to you? I believe in humanity, love and family. These few words define who I am. It is also what allowed me to inspire you when I was a blogger. By rhyming words to inspire, my past skills are reactivated. This blogging period allowed me to be in touch with the best vendors in France and abroad : wedding venues, bridal designers,… You will access the best addresses with Madame Wedding Design.

Why trust me and my team ? 

I have worked for great professionals in the wedding Industry, and celebrities. In this sense, I have the heart to show professionalism and confidentiality when organizing events. I am an eternal enthusiast, a curious. I am the one who will take into account who you are, what you desire, to give life to your event. I am the one who will take care of fulfilling all your wishes.

Event Planner and more precisely ?

My particularity is to organize intimate events. I pay particular attention to each of your requests and to each of your guests. In fact, Madame Wedding Design offers personalized services to couples and professionals alike, taking into account every detail to create unique luxury experiences. Dear couples, whether it’s wedding proposals, engagement sessions, engagement parties, elopements or intimate weddings, Madame Wedding Design will be your best partner.