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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou –

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You appreciate the light of South of France and its lavender fields , the Parisian architecture, you will fall in love with our luxury elopements and micro weddings proposals. Madame Wedding design will be thrilled to create luxury and intimate experiences that will take your breath away. We style our smallest intimate destination weddings, luxury elopements with the same attention that we put in our most intricate refined weddings.

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We create exclusive destination weddings in France and impressive tailored experiences combining timeless, elegance with a touch of modernity that evoke inclusivity and haute couture wedding. Take advantage of the expertise of a French native and luxury wedding planner to create unforgettable refined weddings and plan wonderful destination weddings in the South of France , French Riviera, Burgundy, or Paris, to name a few. Our full service wedding planning boutique also provides location scouting, accommodations, recommendation & vendors curation, we work on travel management too. Wherever you want to get married in France, from the beginning to the end, we will be at your service to attend to you in all details and steps of your wedding.

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Beyond weddings, we also design events which celebrate life. We’re always delighted to create dedicated and exclusive event experiences showcasing fine art curation and exquisite taste for aesthetics . From proposals, engagement parties, pre weddings, gathering your friends at the table to vow renewal, we are here to help.

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Madame Wedding Design is passionate with fashion and especially with bridal fashion styling. We will take the time to choose for you the best wedding dress, bridal designer and accessories . We will make sure that it will suits your needs and personality and the atmosphere of your wedding. Wedding fashion styling is a dedicated service to the bride, the groom and their family. Our team will be pleased to concoct the wardrobe that perfectly suits you. We offer this service both virtually and directly if you are celebrating your wedding in France.

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Confidence & Weddings

Confidence is the key for successful and meaningful events. Creating a wedding is like telling the story of who you are, from how your love began to turning your dreams and expectations into a lifetime occasion. Madame Wedding Design's first process is to know you as if we were the first witness of your love and your journey. We create a specific relationship through our call consultations, asking you everything and giving you all the freedom to express yourself in order to produce the perfect wedding that sticks to your love identity....

You won’t have to blush in telling us your dreams, details or every idea you have in mind, we are your nuptial complice from our first connection until the last toast of your wedding day and beyond. Our work ethic promotes mutual understanding and trust, working closely with our clients in order to deliver excellent services. It is essential for us to always be available and totally dedicated to your wedding project. Therefore to ensure a high level of quality, we undertake a limited number of weddings each year.

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Wedding Styling & Wedding Design

Wedding styling & design is the creative process we adore. We personalize all the projects entrusted to us, that's why before sourcing the best venue or vendors, we work precisely on the atmosphere, the ambiance, the style and the design of your event. This time of conceptualization is at the heart of your event, it must correspond to you down to the last detail. We appeal to your emotions, memories, objects and images that are close to your heart to develop a holistic, artistic and meaningful styling to create the wedding that fits your couple's love. We carry out a work of research and inspiration based on our exchanges, our confidences in order to deliver a tailor-made and exclusive aesthetic proposal. It is essential for us that the whole inspiration board of your wedding is accurate and faithful to you.

Wedding design is the process of giving life to this inspiring mood board, bringing together all elements and overseeing the beauty in the small things to produce a wonderful wedding, an event that reflects you. We work hand in hand with the declination of the mood board to create the personalized branding of your wedding, such as monograms, blazons, fine art wedding stationery, wedding logo, high-end welcome bag creation and all the customized elements. From then on, our teams will actively solicit and advise you so that you can select all the supplies, craftsmen and specialists that will bring singularity, refinement, to your luxury event.

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In order to guarantee a high level of wedding and event services, we give preference to vendors with whom we have already worked or collaborated. We always present you with several vendors who work in the same category, in order to ensure that you are comfortable with your choices. We know their process down to the last detail, their sensitivities, uniqueness and of course their personalities. We have the ability to recommend professionals who will be able to meet your needs, fine art curation and will implement the design developed together with sense and precision. All these characteristics allow us to compose the perfect team to create the alchemy in weddings. The human dimension is so significant, it makes the whole process seamless.

Madame Wedding Design is a wedding planning and design boutique that works in transparency and authenticity both with the couples she accompanies and wedding vendors she makes available. Our goal is to bring together delightful stakeholders who are part of a win-win partnership. Exceptionally, we accept that future brides and grooms induct vendors for their wedding as soon as we can verify their professionalism. Working with the people who are part of our finest vendors list is to create a smooth and seamless experience for your event. We work, you sit back and enjoy every moment.

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