Doing what you want to do without worrying about trends or what is being done in the world of wedding is what we tell our couples and what we apply on a daily basis. We are multiple, our personalities meet but are different. MC2 monamour has been accompanying different couples for more than 6 years, wishing to personalize their D-day down to the last detail, so that their wedding looks like them in an authentic way.


Contrast Games | Wabi Sabi

Today, in this period of renewal, I am committed to immersing you in a slightly different atmosphere. Let this wedding planning agency “Mc2 monamour” and Dung Vo take us to this beautifully contrasted shooting, where the clarity of the colours shades the raw materials. This wedding style combine strength and softness combine, such as Yin and Yang. Everything plays the game of contrast in this somewhat eclectic vision. And yet, the whole is delicately harmonized in a minimalist and elegant harmony, as a metaphor for our lives and our loves. Let us make our differences into complementary strengths.

An assumed femininity

What I particularly like about these photographs, what immediately and deeply marked me when I discovered them, is the strength that emerges from them. We discover a raw and assumed femininity highlighted by the total modernity of the outfits.  In my opinion, it gives the whole a very natural, almost wild elegance, which I love. Resolutely contemporary, this vision echoes a feminine desire to be ourselves, strong and assumed, and it feels good!


With this wedding style inspiration, hope you will want to know more about Mc2 monamour. All the intention of this team, which has at heart to offer you the services that correspond to you. With Mc2 monamour, there is always the word that supports and gives meaning to your project. Find all the links of this wedding planning agency