Inclusive Bride & Wedding

As a budding Bride to be, standing out on your big day is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to planning your wedding. From the dress to the cake and right through to the backdrop of your wedding album, planning the dream wedding to pull off your chosen style can sometimes raise challenges that you are unequipped to overcome yourself. Are you choosing a style that truly reflects your diversity and personality, or are you settling for the design that’s deemed the most “bridal”?

Our solution?

Why not entrust your vision to our expert team of destination wedding planners, committed to capturing the delivering the day you’ve been designing since the minute you said “I do”.
Whether you’re an old romantic or a fan of modern architecture and stand out garments, Paris embraces the fusion of new and old in a move that attracts Brides from all walks of life, from all around the world. Wander down the sweeping stone streets that line the river and traditional deli buildings, or opt for the modern design of Paris’ newer and more contemporary regions. Gaze in majesty as you become drawfed by the bridges and market stalls and old French culture, or simply stand tall among the modern blocks of artistic flair that line the more popular areas of the city. Whatever you choose, do it to celebrate your individuality.



Inclusive Bride & Wedding

With a unique and individual approach to every wedding, we understand the differences that make each of you individual, and the commonalities that draw you together. Motivated by romance and a desire to represent your love, the diversity of your day should marry together everything that you love as a Bride to be, and everything that he loves as the man you choose to spend your life with. May you say yes to an Inclusive bride Wedding
After all, Paris is a city full of diversity and juxtapositions for an inclusive bride wedding. Within its diversity we find the raw heart of the iconic ‘city of love’; the materials, the textures, the sounds, the flavours, and even the backdrops. The image below celebrates the Bride to be as she chooses to be perceived, embracing both her strengths and her softness in an ode to her femininity.
What is beauty? Beauty is whatever you choose it to be, and with a destination wedding in Paris – the city of love and of some of the world’s greatest culture and design – diversity becomes the foundation on which we will build your perfect day.



Photographer: Franklyn K
Artistic Direction & Styling/Design: Madame Wedding Design
Videographer: Cedric Durand Film
Inclusive Bride: Cindy
Floral Design: Floraison Paris
Hair stylist: Ciara Coiffure
Makeup Artist: Beauty by Maeva
Assist Coordination: Un Jardin De Lumieres
Dresses: Mae Paris
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Stationery: Graphikk Art
Studio: Land of Dreams by Karine Mancet 
Jewelry: Maison Sabben & Gemmyo  
Table Top: Madame De La Maison
Cake: Epices et Gormandises
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab & Fuji Film



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