Romantic Wedding in a French castle


Romantic wedding introduction :  On the outskirts of Paris, bridging the town of Chantilly with the neighbouring countryside, there lies a castle. Shrouded in historical prominence and elegant beauty, the main doors of the Chateau de Chantilly open on a vast hallway, with a winding staircase climbing down into the depths of the castle where you are greeted by room after room of contemporary and traditional glamour. As you feel yourself become drawn into the majesty

Chateau Wedding

Take yourself back to your childhood for a moment, where you lived in a world that was dominated by Princesses and castles; the glorious handsome Prince and the happy every after. Where his hand met hers at the foot of a staircase, and the music struck up with a chord that spoke both of romance and adventure. Where the lines were clean and pure, yet still surrounded with elegant tradition and old school glamour. Now imagine that as your big day, hidden among the grounds of a castle wedding in France. Let us introduce you to the Chateau de Chantilly and host your romantic wedding.

For the brides

The images below speak of a concept for the Bride who dares to show, with great finesse and simple elegance, the purity of her heart. A complex union of new and old, where the old stone walls and the manicured lawns contrast with the sheen of her wedding dress and the sparkle in her eye. Whether you are looking to host a grand wedding or a small intimate affair, as a destination wedding in France the Chateau de Chantilly offers everything; from the open green spaces surrounding the castle, to the cosy dark-wood rooms of the library and the art gallery.

Chateau wedding venue

Take a look at the lines of the castle, and immerse yourself in the imagery that those lines represent. Allow the soft curves of the tower roofs to complement your femininity and passion, while the strong lines of the spires reflect the strength of your union and your unbreakable bond as a couple. Watch as the lake surrounding the castle grounds shimmers and sparklers; mirroring your own happiness as you look ahead to a future of happiness together.

Coordinating a destination wedding in France may throw up some challenges, but let those pass you by as the mystery and wonder of a castle wedding works its charm. If Paris is the ‘city of love’, the Chateau de Chantilly is the castle of passion, elegantly inviting you to step through its doors and into your very own fairytale your romantic wedding.




PHOTOGRAPHER: Donny Zavala Photography
STYLING & PLANNING Madame Wedding Design
VENUE: Domain de Chantilly
FLORAL & WEDDING DESIGNER: Linda Champenois Wedding
WEDDING GOWN: Inbal Dror via Metal Flaque
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Kassaundra Stephens Make-up
CAKE DESIGNER: Sweet Creations Cakes
SHOES: Bella Belle Shoes
JEWELRY: Myrtille Beck
RENTALS: Maison Options
Bride : marinelbge
Featured in : Amber & Muse